August 5, 2010

CampFest 2010


As I type young people from all over Slovakia and central Europe (and even the world!) are arriving at the Ranc.


CampFest 2010 will go from 6PM Today to 8AM Sunday (EST equivalent: Noon Thursday to 2AM Sunday)


Please pray with us for CampFest this weekend.

August 4, 2010

Oh the places we've gone!!


New York city,

coney island,

the nyc aquarium,


Nick's 1st birthday,

the Bronx zoo,






Railroad museum,

Horseshoe curve

the back yard (like the new fence?)

State college,

Gettysburg, (the love is a battlefield tour!)
IMG_2448 (when did my baby brother grow up?)

0725_3977 (and why haven't my sisters?)


Back to State college......
and a few others in between

July 24, 2010

Update from the Henrys

> I promised an update once we recovered from out Jet Lag and since
> today is one of the first days that I have not been wide awake at 5
> AM I guess today is that day!
> We wanted to thank you all so much for your prayers for us as we
> transitioned and adjusted. Packing and leaving was hard. We found
> out at the last minute that the extra bag we were planning (and had
> already packed) would cost $280 instead of $50! We had a stressful
> few minutes since nothing in the bag was even worth that much. But
> God is good and we were able send one bag with a group of Americans
> who were at the Ranch for an English camp the last week. This was a
> huge blessing! So 1/3 of our luggage is currently on it's way from
> Tennesee to Ohio. It was nice to start this leg of our adventure
> with a reminder that God willtake care of all the details, right
> down to an extra suitcase.
> Despite being up for 24 straight hours (naps in airport chairs do
> not count!) the trip was uneventful (besides a little turbulence
> and a chatty German toddler :)
> We have already enjoyed visiting with Stasi's sisters, Micah's
> parents and most of his siblings. We are looking forward to seeing
> Stasi's parents when they travel east next week!! We are planning a
> few trips around Pennsylvania in the next few weeks to visit with
> the relatives and supporters we have missed for the past 18 months.
> (more details to come)
> Please continue to pray for us as we continue to transition, we may
> be over our jet lag but the reverse culture shock still catches us
> off guard at times. (things are BIG here and it is a little
> overwhelming to understand everything going on around us.)
> We are waiting to see what God has next for us. It is an adventure
> to see how He will provide next!
> Thank you for your prayers and support.

July 10, 2010


News...We are in NYC. Safe and sound thanks for you prayers.

March 6, 2010

A week ago we woke up to an e-mail that Micah's sister's husband had
died on friday evening.

We decided not to fly home. That was so hard for us. I think if we had realized how hard it was going to be when we made the decision we would have been on a plane sunday morning. We stayed because we knew that if we flew home it would be almost impossible to convince ourselves to come back to Slovakia.

I am nowhere near as intelligent or well spoken as Jason was. So I will just share his words with you.

We appreciate your prayers. As hard as it been for us to be away form our family at this time, we can not even begin to imagine what Elizabeth or Jason's parents and sister are going through. Please pray for them and for the kids.

February 11, 2010


Here are some pictures of how Micah spent the past few months.
Here are the before images. This was a smokehouse, converted to a small cottage that was only used when it was crowded.

Micah installed a window and added insulation under the floor and ceiling inside and around the walls outside. He laid new flooring and put the wood on the ceiling. Because of some structural thing, the door will stay short though.

It is not quite finished but after the carpet is laid and one or two electrical issues are resolved we will have a nice new office here at the ranch that will fit more than two people at a time.

February 8, 2010

Weekly update

Hello from Slovakia!Did you all get to see the big game last night? We are so jealous! We thought about seeing if we could find some way to watch, but ultimately decided it was not worth staying up till 5am since the Steelers weren't playing. We checked online this morning. It is a little unreal that yesterday was the super bowl. We haven't seen any football all season :( What we really missed though was the time we would have spent together with friends if we had been home.
We are starting to meet some new people here. Last month we met up with another young American couple living in Banska Bystrica (a 50 minute drive and the location of the nearest McDonald's). We had a great day visiting with them and found out we know some of the same
people in Grove City. We also met for coffee with a British man who is teaching English and ministering in Ruzomberok. It was nice to speak English, share our experiences and hear the stories of how God called other people. God works in different ways for everyone and so
often we can't see what He is doing until we are able to look back.
Stasi attended a women's small group for the first time on Friday night and is looking forward to continuing to meet with them for fellowship and to practice her Slovak. She has dedicated the month of February to tying up lose ends and finishing projects. The past week she finalized much of the Crown Seminar DVD and will hand that off this week. She also has some loose ends with the CampFest Live! DVD and will work toward finishing a 12 minute promotional video for
CampFest 2010. YFC Slovakia got a new digital video camera to record seminars and Stasi is figuring out all the buttons bells and whistles. This weekend is a seminar for people who sing in worship bands and she will be recording it using the new camera. Micah has been working the past weeks on renovating and insulating the smallest cottage here to serve as an office. He is mostly finished with that, just waiting for some detail things to come like
carpeting and shades for the light fixtures. He also spent part of a week working on our car after the fuel gelled and clogged the filter. He is also installing a door and window in the terrace and will be working inside part of this week on some of the trim work that is still unfinished in Marian's Cottage.

Thank you for praying for us. We have seen Gods hand of protection and provision already in 2010, with our car, our finances and I'm sure we have been protected from a thousand things we don't even know about!

Micah and Stasi